Monday, March 24, 2008

Note From The Commish

Spring is here in Season 4 of Mattingly World. We went upstairs for a little conversation with Mattingly's commissioner. When asked about this upcoming season, the commish responded, "I want to welcome back all returning owners and also to welcome aboard to our new members. I anticipate an excellent season from everyone."

When asked about his own team's chances, his reply was full of hedges, "Our team goes as does our Ace, Geraldo Delgado. I expect a better offense this season as my younger guys mature and perform up to expectations, particularly at second base where we've got two standouts in Andruw Hammond and that kid Alex Bryant. I also expect great things from CF Jesus Mota and #2 starter Emmanuel Guerrero." We also inquired about any free agent targets or looming trades, but Al was the typical GM in responding, "You never know!"

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