Thursday, July 31, 2008

The fall of the NY2 Metropolitans

I checked in on the old Mattingly World to see how the team was doing that I left vacant (NY2 last season, AUG this season), and was sad to see how poorly they were performing. I saw two players age 34 and older were signed for around $33m, and were signed to long-term deals. That looks to have set that franchise back a good bit, not only this season, but for future seasons as well if those players don't age well. Also, is it bad lineup, bad coaching, or just bad luck that has Hill, McNeil, and Warden batting anywhere from .040 to .060 points lower than last year? Looks like the minor leagues are doing so well either, with many of the winning %'s floating around .360. Any thoughts on what happened to the NY2 team that almost finished .500 last year and had tons of salary cap to use?

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