Monday, August 18, 2008

Power Rankings (8/18)

I have a week off and my vacation was cancelled due to a pending hurricane, so I thought I would contribute something to this league. These rankings are completely subjective, so feel free to criticize.

1. New Orleans - How can you not choose the hottest team in baseball? 19 in a row and counting is simply amazing. Maeda is 14-2 with an ERA under 2 this season.

2. San Francisco - Best expected winning percentage in the league. Stacked team that is performing once again. Jones (15-3, 2.06 ERA) will challenge Maeda for the NL Cy Young

3. Cheyenne - Defending World Series champs are primed for another run. 3.54 Team ERA is good enough for second in the league. Starters 1-3 are amazing with no slouch at number 4.

4. Florida - Second in runs scored and third in team ERA makes this team very balanced. Louie Zhou is absolutely pounding the ball this year (.323 AVG, .618 SLG, 30 HRs, 104 RBIs). Biggest threat to Cheyenne in the AL.

5. Los Angeles - The Dodgers of Sarasota in Gainesville, FL are having another solid year. Will be hard to top SF and NO in the stacked National League though. R.O.Y. candidate Tomas Tavarez is having a solid campaign (.960 OPS, 26 HRs).

6. Scottsdale - Third NL West team in top 6. Best offense in baseball.
Hernandez, Saez, and Hughes are as good as any 3-4-5 in the league. Can this team find pitching before the playoffs? The Gunners are in the bottom half of the league in ERA.

7. Chicago - Forbes and Snyder are having solid years, but will it be enough to top Florida and Cheyenne in the AL? Tyler White going down for the season is a big loss, but we all know the talent is there to step up.

8. Cleveland - Good campaign. Sticky Ratliff is having a down year for his standards. He will need to pick it up for the Curse to have a chance at winning the AL.

9. Charleston - Geraldo Delgado is at it again. 16-4, 2.35 ERA, 149 Ks should be good enough to call him AL Cy Young front-runner.

10. Wichita - Julio Cedeno is having a solid but not spectacular year. Teams are finding it a lot easier to pitch around him without Zhou in the lineup.

11. Boston - Kevin Bravo is once again proving to be the best CF in the AL (34 HRs, 1.031 OPS, 3 plus fielding plays, 0 minus fielding plays).

12. Las Vegas - Best of the rest. Nothing spectacular about this team, but they seem to always be there. Pitching will need to improve for them to make the playoffs.

13-32 - Get your teams above .500 and we'll talk


toddlido said...

Man I can't wait to someday get mentioned as a 500 team!

ZEKE said...

Ouch, thanks for reminding me of Loui Zhou! I traded him away before he became a power bat in my lineup so Cedeno's been carrying the team.
Also, I'm very close to a .600 winning percentage so power alone doesn't always mean anything. Nigel Davies and Monte Harding are providing good enough support.

COsborn said...

Good post, Trev. My team's pitching is 9th in the league - not great, but it's not supposed to be, either. I use a BIG hitters' park as home field, so the pitching isn't built to be great from a stat perspective. It's supposed to win. The bullpen is very good, and most importantly (to me anyway) it's a young staff and a very young team. So - could I use more pitching? Yes - but who (other than Cheyenne and SF) doesn't? Will I make a big move for a pitcher - not likely. I've got lots of pitching at AAA, and will likely add another good arm next season.